Things to Consider Before Buying an Action Camera

With so many players in the action camera market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one from so many options. And, more so if it’s the first time that are you investing in a camera. Considering the difficulties that one faces in choosing the camera, here are some of the things that you need to pay attention to before going ahead with your purchase of the best action camera.


Action Camera

As the name suggests, action camera is meant to be used in situation where there is a lot of action. This easily translates into the fact that it has to be of tough built in order to shoot in different kinds of environment. Features like waterproof and all-type-weatherproof are deal breakers when looking for any action camera.

Apart from the durability, any action cam has to be portable to be able to reach difficult corners along with being light-weight for it to be easily mountable. Most often sports cameras are box-shaped but the market has come with other designs as well.

For best result, it is always preferable to go for smaller size with light weight action camera that captures every memory.



Action camera is built keeping the adventurous times in mind. So, it goes without saying that their image and video quality has to be top-notch without much close administration from the users end. This means that the video and image resolution have to be of high-end so as not to miss any detail. These days 4 K action cameras are preferred over HD due to their extra features.

However, with that being said most of the users don’t have the systems that support such high-resolution as a result they are not advisable choice if you don’t have a high-end system to support the recordings.

The best bet in action camera is HD or 1080p at 30FPS or 60FPS to ensure that your footage is of top quality and you are able to relive your moments in high definition. Another feature that needs attention is the wide angle lens that captures full view.


Battery Action Camera

Long battery is imperative for any device and more so for an action video camera. Any good sports action video camera worth its money would give at least couple of hours recording time.

However, the actual time varies depends on other factors including resolution, WiFi, weather to name a few. So, it is always better to check the fine print of the act cam to ensure that you get the best deals for the price paid. Another good idea to consider while buying the camera is to go for removal battery ones so that you can buy extra ones when you are off to an adventure.



Action camera is not just meant for hand-held shots or recordings, rather they tell the stories of your vacation just as they are meant to be. And, this is possible through various viewpoints courtesy mounts. Whether you are going surfing, bike trail ride, or camping – having the necessary mounts will ensure that you get best experience.

So, before you purchase any 4k sports camera, make sure that it has basic mounts that can be used in different places.

Extra USPS

Extra USPS

Though these factors may not top the checklist for any action camera purchase, they are quite important before you go ahead with any camera.

WiFi for better connectivity is crucial in this time of live recording for broadcasting all of our adventures. Also, it allows for seamless transfer from your camera to your computer, smartphone or app.

The storage is an obvious one, as with the amount of recording that goes on vacation, you don’t want to run out of space in the middle of any adrenaline-filled activity.

So, the next time you are looking for the best action video camera, do your research on these points and you will be good to go.


Noise Play is the latest entry in the action camera market. Available in size that can fit the palm of your hand, captures 4k videos in wide-angle with long-lasting battery that comes with various mounts, this cheap action camera would more than just fulfill all your requirement.

4 Types of Different Designer Printed Vivo V5s covers

Vivo V5S is its newest member in the selfie-centric smartphone family of Vivo. With the mid-price range tag, it is meant for masses. Powerful Octa Core processor with 4GB RAM guarantees flawless performance while the 20MP front camera takes the photography experience to another level.

Since Vivo V5S will always make you look good, it goes without saying that your phone deserves only the best cover. And, if you are looking for Vivo V5S cover, then look no further than Gonoise. We offer a range of covers for every taste and preference. Take a look:

Noise Leather Striped Golden Printed Cover For Vivo V5s


 For those who are in love with the bumblebee print and want to showcase it to the world can go for this back cover for Vivo V5S. It doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and lets your phone bask in all the glowing attention that it is bound to receive. 

Portrait of Baba Printed Cover For Vivo V5s

Vivo v5s back covervivo v5s covers

 This one is for those who are in love with everything quirky. One look at the Portrait of Baba is certain to make you take things lightly. Plus, the flowing beard serves as the perfect inspiration to those who want to grow a majestic beard.

Leviosa Printed Cover For Vivo V5s

Calling attention of all the Potterheads in the house – this Leviosa back cover will certainly protect your phone the best while making it weigh feather-light. To get this cover, you don’t have to be Hermione Granger, all you have to do is place the order.




Free Your Soul Printed Cover For Vivo V5s

Daily stress taking a toll on your health? Worry not, just get yourself this Free your Soul cover. It will serve as the perfect everyday reminder to let things go that don’t do you any good.

Why choose Gonoise cover?

Our covers are made of Polycarbonate that protects the phone from major drops and bumps. Since it is extremely durable, it is meant for long-term usage. The state of the art technology ensures that the prints and colors are of top-notch quality, have a slim fit while giving access to multiple ports.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for Vivo V5S cover online today.


Trendy Covers For The Latest Samsung Series

One thing is for sure, these days mobile covers are as important as our phones. For some of us, it is an extension of our expression while for some it functions as a protective gear for our babies. At Noise, you can find a range of phone cases but for now let’s look at some of the trendy phone covers for the latest Samsung series.

Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane

samsung j7 prime cover

Remember the time when we use to wait eagerly for the release of cassette of our favorite songs? Well, this Noise Awesome Mix Cassette Printed Phone Cover will bring all those memories back in a rush. Though now we have the liberty to just download songs and listen to them in our phones, for those who want to take a trip down the memory lane they can get this back cover for their Samsung A7 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung A5 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8, or Samsung J7 Prime Cover.

Potterhead Alert

Samsung A7 2017 Cover

This one is for all the Potterheads in the house. The Leviosa Printed Cover serves as a perfect reminder of one of the most unconventional start of friendship (Remember when Ron knocked the mountain troll to save Harry and Hermione). Though the Harry Potter series is long over, you can always get the phone cover as a souvenir for the good times that the books have graced us with. The good news is it is available for Samsung A7 2017 Cover , Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8 , and Samsung A5 2017 back cover.

Humse Na Ho Payega

samsung c9 pro back cover

Feeling blue? Well, then this phone cover is just for you! The English twist to “Humse Na Ho Payega” is for the days when you can’t deal with life and prefer to take a nap or just procrastinate the entire day. So, without further ado get the Noise Nope Printed cover for your Samsung A7 2017, Samsung A5 2017, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8, or Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro back cover and deal with your life the unconventional way.

For the Love for 7 Kingdoms

Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Cover

Fan of Game of Thrones and still can’t decide your favorite Kingdom? Fret not, we got you covered! Get the Noise The Throne King Printed Cover and have all the Kingdom at your disposal. Go ahead, do your duty and order the back cover one for your Samsung A5 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, or Samsung A7 2017.

Keeping it Simple

Lookalike Denium Cover

If you are on a lookout for a classy phone cover that never goes out of style, then you can go for the evergreen Lookalike Denim & Leather phone cover. This phone cover looks stylish without going overboard. Since these covers are available for Samsung A7 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8, and even Samsung A5 2017. All you got to do is place your order online.

The plethora of Noise Phone Covers available for the latest Samsung series gives you chance to choose a phone cover that matches your needs. These are just some of the options. If you are on a lookout for more variety then don’t forget to check out our rest of the collection and take your pick


Don’t Damage Your Phone! Get The New Moto G5 Plus Covers Here

Moto g5 plus Cover Blog

The good news that all Motorola fans had been waiting for has finally arrived! The next generation Motorola smartphone, Moto G5 Plus has been launched in India and is up for grabs. Touted as one of the flagship models from the Moto series, it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, has a powerful battery, features an all metal design and comes in two colors- Fin Gold and Lunar Grey.

For all those who are looking forward to buying this phone, the next logical step would be to get a G5 Plus case and that’s where we come in. At Noise, you can find a wide range of Moto G5 Plus cover online.

The G5 Plus cases are available in two main categories:

  1. Hybrid Mobile Cases

Are you worried about your phone’s safety in your camping trip? Or, are you one of those who’s life resides in their phone? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Hybrid phone cover is just for you!

moto g5 plus hybrid cover

For those living an active life where their phone is constantly exposed to some kind of hardship can opt for G5 Plus Hybrid back cover. The shock proof case provides a better protection to the metallic design of the phone from the hardest of falls and the media stand in the back lets you enjoy your videos without the need to prop it against something. With a hybrid mobile cover encasing your phone, you can lead a life that you were always meant to be!

  1. Designer Printed Covers

 moto g5 plus designer cover

There is something about printed phone covers that not only brightens your day but also makes you want to flaunt it at every opportunity you get. With our range of Noise Moto G5 Plus printed covers, you can either keep it simple by going for some of the classic designs, share your mood with others or just make a bold statement.

Take your Pick

Whether you want to dress up your phone in attractive covers or protect it, the wide range of G5 Plus designer cases available at Noise will certainly leave you spoilt for choice. Whatever your preference may be, we got your (phone’s) back!

Confused about which smart watch to buy?


why buy smart watch

It tells more than just time

With a plethora of smart watches available online no wonder everybody is confused which one to buy. We wish to make the process of selecting the most suitable Bluetooth smartwatch easier for you.

The perfect smart watch is the one which has all the quintessential features you are looking for, comes with a striking design, has a friendly user interface and a commendable battery life. But every individual has a different requirement and so we have a personality wise guide to picking the perfect smart watch for you.

List Of Noise Smart Watch brings to you Bluetooth smart watches online which makes your mundane activities effortless, keeps a tab on your heath and keeps you connected. We have the following smart watches:

  1. Noise Impulse
  2. Noise Urge
  3. Noise GT08
  4. Noise Loop

Each smart watch is designed to make your life interesting, smooth and stylish.

Which smart watch suits you?


Impulse smart watch

As the name suggests this android smart watch is for those who are impulsive, passionate and carefree. Noise Impulse Smart watch is made for those who are not only health conscious but also do not like carrying their phone all the time.

Noise Impulse has a square black coloured dial, 1.48″ Capacitive Touch Screen and 128*128 screen resolution. It is compatible with android version (4.2+). Noise Impulse smart watch has an inbuilt mic and speaker, remote video recording technique, pedometer and much more.


For all those who have the urge to do something out of the box, are creative and spontaneous then this smart watch is for you.

Noise Urge comes in different strap colours and has a square shape. It has a 1.54 inch screen and screen resolution of 240*240 pixels. The RAM built in is of 128mb while ROM is of 32mb. If you love to click pictures then Noise Urge has an inbuilt camera too!

urge smart watch


This smart watch is made for explorers, wanderers and people who crave for adventure. With a flexible & durable strap and sturdy built, this smart watch is perfect while trekking and camping. It has an inbuilt camera so that you can capture unique moments, pedometer to keep a tab on your health and all the other basic features.

gt08 bluetooth smart watch for android


It has a circular dial, 6 watch faces and is compatible with both iOS (8+) and android version (4.2+). If you are looking for a Bluetooth smartwatch which is classy, health effective and makes a style statement then this is the one for you. Noise Loop has heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor. Stay connected with Whatsapp and Facebook notifications but if you cherish solitude then you can turn off the alerts.

Loop Smart watch for iPhone and android Phones

The table below will provide you with an overall view of all our products:

Smart watch features

The Perfect Package

Noise brings to you smart watches that caters to all your needs without compromising on style. These wearable’s are efficient, user friendly and also make an elegant gift choice. So go ahead pick the smart watch that suits you and your loved ones the most.




9 Creative Ways To Make Your Mobile Cover Stand Out

 1. Create Your Own Style:

  • Things you’ll need:

  • White/Transparent mobile case, funky tapes/paper wrapper, ruler, scissor and cutter
  • How To Make It:

  • Cut funky tape/paper wrapper 2cm longer than the total width of the case.
  • Stick it in any pattern on the back of the mobile case in any way you like (diagonal, linear, random- all is in). Let the extra end hang out.
  • Turn the case around and stick the extra end on the inner edges of the case to cover the sides.

Viola! Your phone now looks way cuter.

Beware: Other mobile covers or phones may now start flirting with your case: P

iphone cover

Glitterglam95 / via

2.Ladies! Finally an affordable yet adorable gift for your special someone!

iphone case

By Sarah Lipoff via POPSUGAR

  • Things you’ll need:

  • Old/new tie, double tape, fabric scissors, ruler, fabric hook and loop fastener, needle and thread
  • How To Make It

  • Cut the tie 12 and a half inches down from the neck.
  • Fold the top half down and sew it along the line.
  • Sow the fabric hook and loop fastener in the middle and on the tip of the tie.
  • Fold it upto 4 inches and then sow the sides to make a pouch.

Finally, his mobile phone rests in his new found comfortable pouch while you get to spend some quality time with him!

3.Keep Calm And Sparkle!

iphone back cover.jpg

 Via Desire and Inspire

  • Things you’ll need:

  • Phone Case (Use this magic trick to make it look chic and expensive), alcohol (don’t get too excited, you need it for cleaning the case), cotton, fevicol (synthetic resin adhesive), glitter (s) (any colour that you like) and glaze to protect your glitter.
  • How To Make It:

  • Clean up the case using alcohol.
  • Brush fevicol on your iPhone case.
  • Sprinkle glitter all over it. (You can use 2 or more glitters or make patterns. Basically give wings to your shiny imagination)
  • Remove the excess glitter.
  • Finally, spray with glaze to keep the glitter intact.

Now, strut on street with your sexy, chic and expensive looking mobile case!

4.Tattoo it up

iphone 5s tattoo cover.jpg

Via Sea Lemon

  • Things You Will Need:

  • How To Make It:

  • Just put your selected tattoo/sticker on the mobile case.
  • Press a wet towel/tissue for 30 seconds and then remove.
  • Secure it with micromist spray.

This is how easy it is to escalate your phone’s look from boring to bright!

 5.Don’t lose your marbles, create it!

iphone back case

Via Sea Lemon

  • Things you’ll need:

  • White mobile cover, ball pen (black preferably) and exceptional smudging skills.
  • How To Make It:

  • Start diagonally by making a thread like design and smudging it immediately (since the ink dries up pretty fast)
  • Complete the pattern as shown in the picture or you can find the artist in you.

Show it off to your friends and don’t forget to take pictures of their jaw dropping expressions.

      Conquer Ombre With Your Nail Paint

iphone 5s case


  • Things you’ll need:

  • Mobile Case, Nail paint (White and 3 similar shades of nail paint), Make up sponge and a Sheet of paper
  • How To Make It:

  • Divide the case into 3 parts by using nail paint.
  • Paint white nail paint on the make-up sponge and then apply the lightest shade of nail paint.
  • Dab it on the 1st area of the mobile case. Then dab the second shade of nail paint on your make-up case.
  • Apply it in the 2nd area of the case. Now dab a mixture of these 2 colours and fill in the meeting of the 2 shades on your case.
  • Similarly, paint the 2nd and 3rd area of the mobile case and merge the colour.
  • Finally, brush it off to remove any fiber from the make-up sponge.

    6.Nostalgic Walk Around Your Childhood!

iphone printed cover

Sharpie Phone Case via Unexpected Expectations

  • Things You Will Need:

  • Mobile Case and Different shades of sketch pens
  • How To Make It:
  • You just need to strike a balance between your imagination, artistic skills and hands and you will end up creating a wonderful, colourful and a vibrant mobile case.
  • You can make 2 such cases. Keep one for yourself and gift the other one to your best friend/sister/mom.

Although it seems time-consuming but once you are done making it you will cherish this forever. Plus it’s a good source of pocket money

7.Liquid Phone Case

iphone printed case


  • Things You’ll Need:

  • Phone Case, Clear Vinyl, Parchment, Scissors, Tweezers, Iron, Crazy Glue, Food Colouring and Baby Oil (because we don’t want you to deal with ANYTHING toxic)
  • How To Make It:

  • Place the phone case under parchment paper and trace the outline. Make sure to draw around the camera. Then cut along the edge of the parchment paper.
  • The paper should fit on the phone case while leaving some space all around the edges.
  • Place your parchment cut-out between 2 sheets of vinyl.
  • Take another piece of parchment paper, fold it and place the vinyl inside it. Iron it to seal the 2 vinyl together (iron for about 25 seconds)
  • Place the vinyl on top of your phone case, outline the sides using a pencil and cut it out.
  • Then cut open the top part of the vinyl, use tweezers to take out parchment paper.
  • Take 3mL of baby oil and 2mL of food colour (any colour you like) and place it in the vinyl pouch you just made.
  • Now just seal the top of the vinyl pouch by ironing it under the folded parchment.
  • Stick the vinyl pouch on the mobile case with crazy glue and let it dry.Your phone case is absolutely safe and fun until you pop it with a pin!


8.Confetti Cases

iphone cover online


  • Things You’ll Need

  • Mobile Case, Colourful nail paint, Tooth Picks, Clear Sealant
  • How To Make It:

  • Use different toothpick for each colour.
  • Dip the toothpick in the nail paint and then apply it on the mobile case. Create a random design by causing variation in the shape of the dots and different nail colours.
  • Fill in the space as shown in the picture or go with the flow.
  • Allow the case to dry and then seal it with clear sealant.

Step out everyday feeling as cheerful as your mobile case.


So poke your creative and artistic skills and create colourful and stylish mobile cases which will not only accessorize your smartphone but you can also gift it to someone (Heads up: Friendship’s day is just around the corner). But if you are too lazy like me then simply hop over to our Gonoise website and order Noise Mobile Cases J