3 Types Of Noise Covers You Must Have For Samsung Galaxy!

Noise mobile covers for Samsung mobile phones make sure that your mobile phone feels safe, stays protected and looks sexy. Mobile cases should be used by everyone with poor gripping skills, fashion police, those who possess uncoordinated reflex action, Bollywood buffs (DDLJ fans, SRK lovers, Jab we met ki Kareena), killer caption lovers, curious creatures and everyone else who wish to shield their mobile phone from any harm and also gift it a swanky wardrobe!

Ways Your Samsung Galaxy Can Get Damaged

Mobile phone is a great way to vent out negative feelings. Who has not tapped their mobile screens incessantly to send an angry text or probably hurled their phone at their ex during a dramatic break-up or thrashed their smartphone on the floor because the internet was too slow. For such dramatic and uncertain falls, wrap your precious Samsung phone with Noise mobile cases.

There are many ways by which you can damage your phone. Sometimes a random fall from your bed to the ground coupled with technical bad luck can prove to be quite harmful to your phone. But do not worry; Noise phone covers will save your Samsung mobile phone from anything.

All those Samsung users who do not believe in using any form of mobile covers, we would like to tell them that when you were busy with your pedestrian life Noise mobile covers big banged sits way into everyone else’ s life and made it more colourful to live in.

Samsung Galaxy Models Protected By Noise Covers

Noise phone cases online provide a wide spectrum of mobile covers for almost all Samsung Galaxy users. Noise mobile cases are available for:

Noise mobile cases fit your Samsung phone easily, protects its sides, back and screen from scratches, falls and damages, gives you a stronger grip, has precise cut outs for smooth access and also comes in a variety of design and prints to add glamour to your phone.

Read further to find out which noise phone case suits you:

  • Printed Noise Mobile Cases:- 

    This type is suitable for all personality types especially the ones who love to experiment. Be it crazy captions, epic movie dialogues, regional nuances or random prints, you name it and we have it.

  • Noise Back Covers:

    This is suitable for those who believe that style lies in simplicity. You can choose between coloured and transparent ones. Both the types protect your phone, gives it a classy look and provides a stronger grip and differ only in terms of hue.

  • Noise Flip Covers:-  

    This type is apt for those who are over possessive about their Samsung Galaxy. It gives an overall protection plus you can peek into your phone to check any important notification. You can choose from the two categories given below:

    • Prime Series: for an overall protection
    • Urbano Series: it safe-guards your entire device but lets you peek into your screen

    Noise Mobile Covers for Samsung Galaxy are printed on:

    • Polycarbonate which is a thermoplastic polymer and gives full protection to your phone


    • TPU which is a flexible plastic so that your mobile phone fits effortlessly.

    The designs are printed on our phone cases using HP3 printing technology that ensures the intensity and shade of colour so that it never fades away. Matte finish enhances the vibrancy of the design, texture and shade. The design covers the sides of your mobile phone and raised bezel around perimeter keeps screen protected while durable hard-shell exterior provides surface protection.

    Noise Mobile Phone Covers have perfect openings for important ports such as speaker, microphone, regular charger, and volume and lock buttons for an easy and smooth access.

Rushing To Buy Noise Mobile Cases For Your Samsung Galaxy?

Your Samsung Mobile phone can fall anytime and anywhere so wrap up your Samsung mobile phone with Noise mobile covers and you and your phone are guarded against damage, drama and danger for life. Noise mobile cases also add style and panache to your mobile phone. It also reduces the chances of your mobile phone from slipping through the grips of your hand.

So grab Noise phone cases that match your personality and style!


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