How To Usher Heat This Winter With Beanie Cap?

With the nip in the air and dip in the temperature it is time to turn on the charm quotient while protecting you from the chilly wind outside. So wrap Noise Beanie cap and turn heads around this winter season.

We have a range of warm and cozy beanie caps for men and women online and there is a wide spectrum of designs, materials and trending beanie caps online to choose from. Depending on your style factor and wintery requirement you can select from cotton and winter fabric respectively.

Match your outfit with Noise beanie cap


Team up your beanie cap with a winter colour full-sleeve t-shirt and jeans and breeze through the day.

Beanie Caps

Beanie Caps Online

You are ready to turn heads with this suave and sexy outfit.


Pair up a wrinkled beanie cap with a warm t-shirt, your faded denim jacket and a classy trouser.

beanie caps men & women

Ladies complete the look with a trendy handbag and boots while men can wear their wayfarer sunglasses.


This look can never go out of style. Place your beanie with your rugged leather jacket, a check shirt and a slim fit trouser or jeans

beaine caps mens

This ensemble is apt for both corporate and social gathering and it never loses its charm, so go ahead and try it out!


Try this outfit for snowy days. Put together a knitted beanie cap, formal shirt with fitted pants and a cardigan or a pullover. Tip: Ladies you can bind the charming look together with boots while our fellow men could carry a modern backpack.

winter beanies

The subtlety of this attire teamed with warm beanie makes it a first choice for any occasion.


Complete this cold season with this getup. Combine a classy beanie cap, pea or trench coat and off-white to mustard formal trousers (men) and jeans or fitted trouser (women)

winter beanies for men & women

Wrap a warm muffler to complete the entire outfit and you are ready to own the street you decide to walk on.

The Best Dress Wins

Try out all the 5 looks and share your pictures with us on our gonoise facebook and Instagram page, tag it #NoiseWinterLook and the 2 best dressed winners have a surprise winter gift in store for them.  So go ahead, rush to buy beanies online before they are gone!


Confused about which smart watch to buy?


why buy smart watch

It tells more than just time

With a plethora of smart watches available online no wonder everybody is confused which one to buy. We wish to make the process of selecting the most suitable Bluetooth smartwatch easier for you.

The perfect smart watch is the one which has all the quintessential features you are looking for, comes with a striking design, has a friendly user interface and a commendable battery life. But every individual has a different requirement and so we have a personality wise guide to picking the perfect smart watch for you.

List Of Noise Smart Watch brings to you Bluetooth smart watches online which makes your mundane activities effortless, keeps a tab on your heath and keeps you connected. We have the following smart watches:

  1. Noise Impulse
  2. Noise Urge
  3. Noise GT08
  4. Noise Loop

Each smart watch is designed to make your life interesting, smooth and stylish.

Which smart watch suits you?


Impulse smart watch

As the name suggests this android smart watch is for those who are impulsive, passionate and carefree. Noise Impulse Smart watch is made for those who are not only health conscious but also do not like carrying their phone all the time.

Noise Impulse has a square black coloured dial, 1.48″ Capacitive Touch Screen and 128*128 screen resolution. It is compatible with android version (4.2+). Noise Impulse smart watch has an inbuilt mic and speaker, remote video recording technique, pedometer and much more.


For all those who have the urge to do something out of the box, are creative and spontaneous then this smart watch is for you.

Noise Urge comes in different strap colours and has a square shape. It has a 1.54 inch screen and screen resolution of 240*240 pixels. The RAM built in is of 128mb while ROM is of 32mb. If you love to click pictures then Noise Urge has an inbuilt camera too!

urge smart watch


This smart watch is made for explorers, wanderers and people who crave for adventure. With a flexible & durable strap and sturdy built, this smart watch is perfect while trekking and camping. It has an inbuilt camera so that you can capture unique moments, pedometer to keep a tab on your health and all the other basic features.

gt08 bluetooth smart watch for android


It has a circular dial, 6 watch faces and is compatible with both iOS (8+) and android version (4.2+). If you are looking for a Bluetooth smartwatch which is classy, health effective and makes a style statement then this is the one for you. Noise Loop has heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor. Stay connected with Whatsapp and Facebook notifications but if you cherish solitude then you can turn off the alerts.

Loop Smart watch for iPhone and android Phones

The table below will provide you with an overall view of all our products:

Smart watch features

The Perfect Package

Noise brings to you smart watches that caters to all your needs without compromising on style. These wearable’s are efficient, user friendly and also make an elegant gift choice. So go ahead pick the smart watch that suits you and your loved ones the most.




Smart Watch Is All You Can Talk About


Send your smartphone and your hand on a nice relaxing spa while you jazz up your wrist with Noise Smart Watch. The wide spectrum of smart watches to choose from is the only difficult job for you.

Classy Lies Within

Noise Smart Watch makes quite a style statement in terms of its design. The dial ranges from plastic to stainless steel (plus silicon) along with stretchable and colourful bands to suit your style quotient. The screen is touch sensitive and comes with a great resolution and a slim protecting frame plane.


All That Is Happening

Apart from being complimented on its smart looks, Noise Smart Watches envelops a legion of features starting from the very basic ones to advanced ones. Few of its functions are given below:

  1. Make and receive calls on your trendy smart watch without trouble.
  2. Set Alarm: Instead of the alarm clock screeching early morning on the top of your head you can set an alarm on your smart watch to wake up comfortably.
  3. In-built Camera: Always keep smiling as it has an in-built camera and you never know which naughty friend of yours is about to take a candid picture.
  4. Built-in Speaker: With its built-in speaker you can play music while partying, driving or exercising.
  5. Video Recording: You can put its video recording feature to good use by flaunting your latent bathroom singing talent or showing those superbly uncoordinated dance moves or for some serious purpose.


     6. Stay healthy: The apps in noise smart watches make sure that you stay fit and                          healthy. There are a number of apps. Some of them are:

  • Pedometer: Informs you about the number of steps you have walked.
  • Calorie Calculator: Evaluates all the calories that you have burnt. So the next time avoid taking the route to your favourite bakery shop.
  • Water Intake: Your endless to-do list may forget to list one of the basic tasks and that is to stay hydrated. Noise Smart Watch’s app will not only remind you but show you your water intake like a doting friend.
  • Sedentary Reminder: This app is designed for all of you who follow a sedentary work life. This app reminds you when you have been sitting for too long and should move around, the calories that you have burnt and stay fit. In short it is your personal trainer.
  • Sleep monitor: keeps a check your sleep pattern. Now you can dream peacefully.
  1. Battery Life: With the Bluetooth on you can use your noise smart watch for 3 days while on Bluetooth standby for 7 days. Your smartphone can really chill now.

You Got to Have It

So give your hand and smartphone a nice little break while you enjoy your smart decision. Plus how often do you get to speak to your wrist?

SmartBand- The Band of the Y-Generation


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

Younger consumers today are far more concerned and aware of their health and everyday activities than ever before. With so many people making a conscious decision to follow a healthy lifestyle they often find themselves looking for alternatives to help them achieve their goals. Keeping this in view the ‘Smart Bands’ are fast changing the way one manages his lifestyle. Available in different colors, it has been crafted to go along with every kind of wardrobe and can be worn the entire day. While one revel in its convenience and panache, it can also be paired up with smart phone through its Bluetooth feature that synchronizes it well with the smart phone and keeps it up to date. Also, its stunning OLED display is a delight to the eyes; one can get timely notifications about text and calls and thus stay updated no matter whether they are shopping, in a meeting or at the gym. It also comes with an anti-lost alarm function that informs the user when they are away from their phone for a very long time and are in danger of misplacing their cell phone.

For all fitness freaks and their wearying work out sessions, the Band also comes with an activity tracking feature that tracks all their performance, whether they are cycling, running or working out. The gizmo can even keep track of the number of steps taken and the calories burned each day, suggesting different activities suiting one’s body and health.


While the working population faces stringent deadlines every day, Smart Band makes sure you are always on time. With its smart alarm feature you can set the ideal time anywhere you want even when taking a power nap. With everything available today at lightning speed and days packed with work, sticking to a sleep schedule is often difficult and good sleeping hygiene has become a luxury than necessity. The band also tries to solve this problem by offering sleep quality feature through which user can keep track of their sleep quality by choosing sleep according to their preference and track everything from how effective their sleep is to number of wake ups in one go, making one’s goal to stay healthy simple and effortless.

Smart Band is a good choice for anyone interested in something compact and light, while markets are alive with similar technologies in various forms; smart band offers its users a lot of choices about how they want to use it. It caters to different levels of users and has something for everyone. While one’s journey to their fitness goal is not easy and effortless, Smart Band is robust and comfortable and offers a convenient way to balance life by promoting a healthy and easy lifestyle.