How to Maintain your Action Camera?

Action Camera

Agreed that action cameras are meant for recording extreme sports, so they are bound to get handled roughly. But considering that they are priced on the higher end, they need a bit of care for them to work for a longer period of time without burning a hole in our pocket.

Though action cams are resilient in nature, it does not mean that we ignore them completely. They need to be maintained so that they don’t fail us during crucial moments of recording.

So, if you have been wondering how to take care of your precious device then it’s time to check out these tips.

Find a safe place

Action cmaera

As the saying goes, a stich in time saves nine, it holds true for sports camera protection as well. Not every small action camera has a tough built without its case, so it’s a good idea to keep it in a dry and safe place when it is not in use. As these cameras are quite compact, keep it in a place where they can be easily found and are not in any danger.

Maintenance when not in use

play action camera

During the times, when the action camera is not in use for a longer duration of time, make sure to take out batteries as it will prevent unnecessary draining of battery and ultimate damage of both camera and batteries.

Post shoot cleaning


After shooting, it is important to inspect action camera and its case for various natural elements because if they go unnoticed they will do steady damage to your camera.

Since lens are the most important part of the camera, make sure to extra care while cleaning it. Do not use harsh cloth but lint free cloth to clean it. Also, make it a point to keep the camera bag clean as well. Use silicone gel as it absorbs both dust and moisture so that your 4K action camera is always ready to use.


So, the next time you come back from an excursion take some time out to follow these tips with your Noise Play action camera and ensure its long and healthy life.