SmartBand- The Band of the Y-Generation


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

Younger consumers today are far more concerned and aware of their health and everyday activities than ever before. With so many people making a conscious decision to follow a healthy lifestyle they often find themselves looking for alternatives to help them achieve their goals. Keeping this in view the ‘Smart Bands’ are fast changing the way one manages his lifestyle. Available in different colors, it has been crafted to go along with every kind of wardrobe and can be worn the entire day. While one revel in its convenience and panache, it can also be paired up with smart phone through its Bluetooth feature that synchronizes it well with the smart phone and keeps it up to date. Also, its stunning OLED display is a delight to the eyes; one can get timely notifications about text and calls and thus stay updated no matter whether they are shopping, in a meeting or at the gym. It also comes with an anti-lost alarm function that informs the user when they are away from their phone for a very long time and are in danger of misplacing their cell phone.

For all fitness freaks and their wearying work out sessions, the Band also comes with an activity tracking feature that tracks all their performance, whether they are cycling, running or working out. The gizmo can even keep track of the number of steps taken and the calories burned each day, suggesting different activities suiting one’s body and health.


While the working population faces stringent deadlines every day, Smart Band makes sure you are always on time. With its smart alarm feature you can set the ideal time anywhere you want even when taking a power nap. With everything available today at lightning speed and days packed with work, sticking to a sleep schedule is often difficult and good sleeping hygiene has become a luxury than necessity. The band also tries to solve this problem by offering sleep quality feature through which user can keep track of their sleep quality by choosing sleep according to their preference and track everything from how effective their sleep is to number of wake ups in one go, making one’s goal to stay healthy simple and effortless.

Smart Band is a good choice for anyone interested in something compact and light, while markets are alive with similar technologies in various forms; smart band offers its users a lot of choices about how they want to use it. It caters to different levels of users and has something for everyone. While one’s journey to their fitness goal is not easy and effortless, Smart Band is robust and comfortable and offers a convenient way to balance life by promoting a healthy and easy lifestyle.


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